Home Remodelling Tips

*  Need more space? Take down a wall, add on, or remodel the basement.

* Empty nester? Create your dream master suite.

* Can't sell that house? Kitchen & bath remodels are the way to go.

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Home Remodeling Tips

How to Choose a Builder

  • Get everything in writing - the more specific the contract, the better.
  • Design is key.  For example, additions should complement the house, not look like "additions".
  • A good builder brings you ideas and is current on the latest techniques and trends.
  • The cheapest is never the best. When it comes to building projects, make sure you are comparing all aspects including quality of materials, timeframes, experience and reputation of the builder.
  • Ask about clean up procedures.
  • Check references with a personal visit to the job site.

Need Space? Take Down a Wall!

(from Tri-County Times feature article)

Fenton Michigan remodelDo you want more living space?  Does your home feel cramped? Expand by tearing down a wall.

Removing a wall between a kitchen and dining room creates open space. Or, combine two bedrooms into a suite, or add a walk-in closet by using hall space.

"Don't take out any walls without consulting with a professional who can ascertain if it's a load bearing wall or not," says Scott Tarkleson, owner of Fenton Lakes Buiding & Design. "Many walls have electrical and plumbing lines in them."

Tearing out a wall as a do-it-yourself project may prove time-consuming, costly or a nightmare if the person doesn't know what they're doing. That's why the advice of a licensed contractor is recommended.

Tarkleson says a wall can be removed in as little time as a day if it's not a bearing wall. What takes time is the adjoining wall repair, floor repair and painting. "When you remove a load bearing wall, replace it with a beam and transfer the weight to two points. They are called point loads. You have to make sure that these loads are transferred to a solid bearing foundation. Tarkleson says 90 percent of the time when a homeowner wants a wall removed it is to open up space.

Cost depends on how long the wall is, how much weight it carries and what is in the walls as far as plumbing and electrical are concerned.

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